The Best Broken Bow Fishing Lakes in Winter


The Best Broken Bow Fishing Lakes in Winter

Winter may not be the first season you think of when it comes to Broken Bow fishing, but don’t let the colder temperatures deter you. Broken Bow, Oklahoma, offers a unique fishing experience that is worth every moment, even when snowflakes decorate the sky.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler with years of experience or just dipping your toes into the world of fishing, Broken Bow offers an experience that caters to all skill levels. For the veterans among us, the challenging depths and diverse fish populations provide an exciting arena to hone skills and perhaps even catch that elusive “big one” you’ve been chasing. And for those who are newer to the sport, the abundance of fish, as well as the varied, yet forgiving terrain of the lakes, offer an excellent starting point to develop your skills and build confidence.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best Broken Bow fishing spots during winter, complete with types of fish you can catch, peak times to go, and geographical specifics.


Broken Bow Lake: A Freshwater Fishing Haven

Nestled just 9 miles northeast of Broken Bow and accessible via US 259, Broken Bow Lake stands as a remarkable testament to nature’s grandeur in southeastern Oklahoma’s McCurtain County. With its vast expanse covering 14,200 acres and a shoreline stretching over 220 miles, the lake offers ample opportunities for anglers to find their idyllic fishing nook.

Detailed Features

  • Shoreline Length: 220.00 mi.
  • Volume: 918070.00 ac. ft.
  • Max. Depth: 169.00 ft.
  • Surface Area: 14200.00 ac.

What to Expect When Broken Bow Fishing

Broken Bow Lake is a hub for freshwater enthusiasts. Its expansive waters house an array of fish species, making it a hotspot for both seasoned anglers and beginners looking to take part in some Broken Bow fishing. Among the species that call this lake home are:

  • largemouth and smallmouth bass,
  • spotted and white bass,
  • striped hybrid bass,
  • channel and flathead catfish,
  • walleye,
  • black and white crappie,
  • and sunfish varieties like bluegill and redear.

With such diversity, every fishing trip here promises a unique and rewarding experience.

If you’re particularly interested in fly fishing, Broken Bow Lake has something special for you. The lake’s structure, with its many secluded coves and pockets, makes it a premier destination for fly fishers. These spots not only promise a good catch but also offer a peaceful atmosphere, allowing anglers to immerse themselves fully in the fishing experience.

How Far Is Broken Bow Lake from Your Cabin?

At Broken Bow Cabin Life, we pride ourselves on the prime locations of our cabins, ensuring that guests are never too far from the heart of the action. Proximity to Broken Bow Lake is a major draw for many of our visitors, and we’ve strategically placed our cabins to offer both seclusion and accessibility. Depending on your choice of accommodation, here’s how far you might be from the shimmering waters of Broken Bow Lake:

  • Hidden Pines – A brief 15-minute drive will get you from the doorstep of this cabin to the lake’s edge.
  • Gypsy Tea Room – Positioned slightly further out, but still conveniently close, you’re looking at a 22-minute drive to the lake.
  • Gentle Creek –  A 17 minute drive away, Gentle Creek cabin is optimally located for those who wish to be near the water, yet still crave a sense of retreat.

DeQueen Lake: An Angler’s Dream Across the Border

Just a stone’s throw away from Oklahoma, and across the state lines, lies DeQueen Lake—a serene and captivating fishing destination near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. This gem, with its shimmering waters, invites those with a passion for angling, be they seasoned pros or newcomers to the sport.

Detailed Features

  • Shoreline Length: 32.00 mi.
  • Volume: Not specified
  • Max. Depth: 25+ ft.
  • Surface Area: 1,680.00 ac.

What to Expect

A creation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1977, DeQueen Lake is more than just a flood control reservoir. With its clear waters and 32 miles of meandering shoreline, it’s no wonder that anglers, boaters, and water sports enthusiasts find it irresistible. The lake, alongside its sisters Dierks and Gillham, is among the esteemed tri-lakes of South Arkansas, each boasting its unique allure.

For those who cast their lines into DeQueen’s depths, expect an assortment of fish species that promise both challenge and reward:

  • largemouth, smallmouth, and hybird striped bass,
  • black and white crappie,
  • walleye,
  • bream,
  • and catfish.

With such a variety, each fishing expedition at DeQueen Lake is a fresh adventure, offering countless tales to tell by the campfire.

If you’re eager to explore further, the lake’s expansive areas, intertwined pockets, and meandering creeks make for a delightful aquatic journey. And for those who fancy spearfishing, DeQueen Lake gives a nod of approval, allowing this thrilling activity in its waters during specific seasons.

Journey from Your Cabin to DeQueen Lake

We understand that DeQueen Lake might be a bit further away from our cabins, but trust us when we say, the drive is undeniably scenic and entirely worth the journey.

If you’re staying with us at Broken Bow Cabin Life, venturing out to DeQueen Lake is a smooth and picturesque transition that will only enhance your vacation experience. Here’s a quick look at how close you could be to this angler’s haven based on our Broken Bow cabin locations:

  • Hidden Pines – From your Hidden Pines cabin, it will take 47 minutes to reach the welcoming shores of DeQueen. (95 Grape Trl, Broken Bow, OK 74728)
  • Gypsy Tea Room – With a 54 minute drive, you’ll find yourself at DeQueen’s edge, ready for a whole day of fishing or relaxation. (23 Trolling Ct, Broken Bow, OK 74728, United States)
  • Gentle Creek – 48 minutes away, Gentle Creek is perfectly situated for those who want to experience both Broken Bow and DeQueen lakes during their stay.  (Morning Berry Trl, Oklahoma 74728, USA)

Mountain Fork River

The Lower Mountain Fork River, situated merely three miles east of Hochatown on SH 259A, offers a unique blend of pristine natural beauty and abundant fishing opportunities. Originating from western Arkansas, this river gracefully winds its way into southeastern Oklahoma, coursing through the heart of McCurtain County. With its 98-mile stretch, the most popular section among anglers is the trout-rich tailwater below Broken Bow Lake, nestled within the picturesque Kiamichi Mountains. As one of the rare spots in Oklahoma that boasts year-round trout fishing, it’s a haven for both novice and experienced anglers.

Detailed Features

  • Shoreline Length: 12.00 mi.
  • Volume: [Data not provided]
  • Max. Depth: 185 ft
  • Surface Area: [Data not provided]

What to Expect When Broken Bow Fishing 

The fresh fishing report from October 27th provides a promising outlook for anglers. The river’s consistent elevation, combined with a crystal clear water temperature of 67°F, suggests high chances of a successful fishing endeavor. Particularly, the Rainbow Trout have been very responsive, with the following being the most effective baits and spots:

  • Fish Species:
    • Rainbow Trout
    • Brown Trout
  • Bait and Hotspots:
    • Midges
    • PowerBait
    • Small lures
    • Tube jigs
    • Areas below the dam
    • Creek channels
    • Spillway

How Far From Your Broken Bow Cabin

For guests lodged at our cabins in Broken Bow, the river presents an effortless gateway to nature. The river’s vicinity to renowned cabins ensures a delightful fishing experience without long travel:

  • Hidden Pines – A 16-minute drive brings you to the scenic views of the Lower Mountain Fork River.
  • Gypsy Tea Room – After a 24-minute drive, you’ll find yourself at the river’s edge.
  • Gentle Creek – Situated just 22 minutes away.

Winter Broken Bow Fishing: A Blend of Adventure and Comfort

Broken Bow is a top destination for winter fishing in Oklahoma. The region, known for its exceptional Broken Bow fishing spots, attracts anglers of all levels. From beginners eager to learn the ropes to seasoned pros looking for a new challenge, there’s something for everyone. And when the day’s catch is done, the nearby Broken Bow Lake cabins offer a cozy retreat to relax and reminisce about the day’s adventures. If you’re plotting a fishing getaway this winter, Broken Bow seamlessly blends the thrill of fishing with the comfort of cabin life.